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U2 tribe = The U2 tribute Band for the UK and Europe. U2tribe is a U2 tribute band, based in the South East of England, whose members are all passionate U2 fans.  The four members of U2 tribe are committed to capturing an authentic sound and performing with energy and passion in a similar way to the original band.


With a repertoire of songs ranging from the early U2 years such as 'I will follow' to the recent 'Every Breaking Wave', U2tribe have an ever changing set list that will suit all events and occasions.


An authentic U2 tribute band is not an easy thing to achieve and U2 tribe, as dedicated fans, are always trying to replicate the sound, energy and look of arguably the best band in the world.  So if you are looking for a U2 tribute band that really do pay tribute to U2, then contact U2 tribe.



For over 30 years, the music of U2 has been heard over the airwaves, in arenas and stadiums from one side of the planet to the other.  They've released 12 studio albums, 3 'Best of' albums and 1 live album; have been involved in a number of compilations and are the biggest stadium rock band the world has ever seen.  No other band has consistently made popular music for as long.  From their humble beginnings in Ireland and the passion of the early 80's releases; their onslaught of America in the late 80's; the technological whirlwind of the 90's and then their mammoth tours of the past 10 years, no matter what you think, U2 have always been there.  


U2 tribe will take you on a journey that is the history of U2's music, playing some of the cult classics like 'Electric Co' and 'Out of Control', to the passion of songs like 'Sunday Bloody Sunday', to the stadium staples of songs like 'Where the Streets have no name' and 'Beautiful Day' and also newer material from the past few years like 'Vertigo' and 'The Miracle of Joey Ramone' plus many more.




BONO - Dave Frawley

Dave is a born frontman. Singing in bands since he was 16, Dave spent most of his musical career in original bands playing across the UK and Europe. Music and performance is in his blood and when U2 Tribe found that Dave was availabe to adopt the position of Bono.....the rest is history.


Adam Clayton  - Paul McManus


A seasoned bass player who has played in bands of all shapes and sizes over the years and who simply loves laying down the groove. A major U2 fan as a lover of some of the best tunes on the planet, U2 Tribe is perfect for him.

A rock man at heart (although Norman Watt-Roy once played Paul’s rig when he supported Wilko!) who loves nothing more than being on a stage with a crowd to please. Paul regularly embarrasses his children with his inappropriate “rock moves”

on stage, but won’t be told!


THE EDGE  - Paul Stevens

Paul has been a U2 fan since the War album and has seen them at least once on every tour since 1984. Although he is a classically trained guitarist and pianist, his real musical focus has been electric guitar and its sonic possibilities. Over the last 30+ years this has involved many hundreds of gigs and recording sessions; with both original and cover bands. By day he works as a sound/electronics engineer designing award winning guitar amplifiers. So, considering his life-long interest in sound-scaping, it's no surprise that he was drawn to a band that has continually pushed the barriers on how a four piece is expected to sound.


Larry Mullen Jnr  - Tim Starke


Tim has been drumming since the age of 10, playing percussion and drums in various orchestras, ensembles and even a steel pan school band, until Tim found his love of Rock music. From that point on Tim played with various originals acts and cover bands, including Flame Pilots - a popular originals rock band on the Kent local music scene - who Tim still plays with when he’s not being Larry. Tim has been a dedicated U2 fan since he was 13 and has seen them on just about every tour since Zooropa in 1993. When the opportunity came up to join U2 Tribe as Larry it was like a dream come true and too good to turn down! Happiest in front of a big crowd, Tim loves playing his all time favourite songs from the worlds biggest rock band. 



U2 Tribe have an impressive array of equipment and only use profressional instruments.


The band also use their own mixing desk with built in In Ear Monitoring (IEM) system even when playing through in house PA systems. The signal for the vocals, all instruments and sequences are sent to the bands mixing desk and then split to the stage mxing system, allowing the band to mix their own monitoring levels whilst the sound engineer mixes front of house.


At their most recent gig, Tony (sound engineer at The Pipeline, London) said


" The band are turned up with more equipment than some pro bands that I have worked with. All the boys were extremely knowledgable about engineering mixing systems and what they needed to achieve a great sound. They were also very helpful when it come to bringing them best out of the in house PA. I must say that their IEM system is brilliant, the band mix their own monitors leaving me to concentrate on house mix. The IEM's also have the advantage of keeping the band sounding tight and accurate. All in all I was amazed how profressional this band sounded and conducted themselves. "    Tony 


U2 Tribe use the following profressional brands

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